Well, friends - tomorrow is the day and I hope you're as excited as I am! Below is some information to help prepare you for your photo session.

Meeting Location: The Pagoda in Patterson Park. I will meet you on the west side of the Pagoda, facing Patterson Park Avenue. I'll be the one with the camera! 

Payment Due: Your balance of $74 (or full session fee of $99 for those who have just booked) is due by your session time. You can pre-pay using PayPal or credit/debit using the link below or payment can be made at the time of your session by cash or personal check. 

Stay in Touch: If your'e running late for your session, please let me know! My cell phone number is 443-794-8701. Feel free to call or text!


1.) Be Comfortable!
If you don’t feel comfortable then it's almost
guaranteed that you’re going to look 
uncomfortable in your photos.

2.) Don’t be too matchy!
Everyone in your family has a unique 
personality - celebrate it! Instead of making
sure everyone matches, try to dress in 
complementary colors and patterns that
speak to your individualism! 

3.) Accessorize!
Small unique details + a simple outfit can give 
your photo shoot that stylized touch! Textures 
and patterns are a great way of adding interest
to a photograph.

4.) Be YOU!
The joy on your face, fun you have, laughs, time 
spent & sweet memories with your family  are 
far more important. If your outfit is, ‘you’, 
then your pictures will feel like you too!


Monica's cell phone: 


1.) Don’t be late!
Pumpkin Spiced Portrait sessions are all
booked back to back. To ensure that each
client receives the best possible service, it
is imperative that everyone arrives on time. 
The Baltimore Running Festival's route runs
along Patterson Park on Saturday - so please
plan accordingly if driving in from outside
the city.

2.) Just Be YOU! (and leave the rest up to me!)
When you have confidence & relax, your photos will 
reflect the REAL YOU! Be in the moment & enjoy your 

3.) Be Prepared!
Have an idea ahead of time of what you want your session
to represent. Casual? Serene? Fun? While I will lead the
session with ideas, relaxed settings & natural poses,
it is up to you to bring the emotion! 

4.) Don’t Stress!
I know that you really want everyone looking  & smiling 
at the camera at the same time. Parents, please don’t 
stress. Little ones will relax, if you do! Lots of shots will be 
taken & your final gallery will be filled with lots of love!


Want to pay your balance or the session fee in full ahead of time? Please use the PayPal link to the right. 

Note: PayPal accepts payments from all major credit cards and debit cards. You do not need to have  PayPal account to pay by credit card. 

See image below for instruction on paying with credit / debit cards.

Payment Options