Harbor, Baby :

Sooooo this was a first for me. Not being on a boat, of course. I've been on plenty! In fact, Chris and I almost bought into a boat with a friend a few years back and it didn't take us long to realize that we're not boat people - we're just friends with boats people. Lucky for us, we realized this before it was too late. 

Our friend now owns that boat. By himself.
We go out on it occasionally. And it's the perfect balance  

But I digress. 
This was a first for me. When I first spoke with Catherine about shooting her maternity photos, she casually mentions in our second email exchange "oh, and we live on a boat, so..."
I became intensely excited at the prospect of shooting maternity photos on a boat. IN THE HARBOR. 

Ok, ok, ok. So yeah. We cruised around the harbor at sunset and it was totally NBD. But actually, it was. And everything was perfect. And we buzzed past the pier 5 pavilion and there was a band playing. We danced, and sang, and breathed in the fresh air. Oh, and we took some pretty freaking amazing photos as well.

Here they are. And I'll stop talking now because there's nothing that I can say that will be as good as these images. 

Catherine, Matt, and Sebastian: Congratulations (like, seriously. On LIFE). 
I can't wait to meet your little one (and then subsequently photograph HIM on a boat).