the johnson family

I have 9 (NINE) nieces and nephews. Yeah - I guess for some that's not a lot. I come from a large family though and it just keeps growing larger. I love it. I embrace the chaos.

Strangely, however, I've seldom done family portraits for any of my sibling's families. Not because I haven't' offered - but when we're all scattered across the east coast, it can be difficult sometimes to find the time for it. So I'm always so pleased when all the stars align, and we're all able to take some time out to get together and do some photos.

Two weekends ago, that happened. West Virginia came and descended on Baltimore, and we took to the park (bundled against the freezing cold) and Aunt Monkey (yep, that's me) did what I do best: I made my munchkinheads smile from ear to ear.

This is Cheech, Midge, Monkey Too, and Elias (we're still working on a nickname for the little guy). And I'm so glad to call them my family.