Well Hello There, Simon!

Boats and babies: perfect, right?

A few months ago, I had the joyous pleasure of photographing this family on their houseboat as they awaited the imminent arrival of their newest little one. And let me tell you: it was definitely a career highlight.

Sunset, the harbor, live music - it was a dream. I was so very excited to come back to capture them again as a new family of four.

World, meet Simon. The sweetest, snuggliest, most precious little guy I've met in awhile. This boy was born for sea life (or... harbor life) and his photo session did not disappoint.

Catherine, Matt, and Sebastian - so many congratulations for your new little one. You guys are gonna be the new Fab Four!

Harbor, Baby :

Sooooo this was a first for me. Not being on a boat, of course. I've been on plenty! In fact, Chris and I almost bought into a boat with a friend a few years back and it didn't take us long to realize that we're not boat people - we're just friends with boats people. Lucky for us, we realized this before it was too late. 

Our friend now owns that boat. By himself.
We go out on it occasionally. And it's the perfect balance  

But I digress. 
This was a first for me. When I first spoke with Catherine about shooting her maternity photos, she casually mentions in our second email exchange "oh, and we live on a boat, so..."
I became intensely excited at the prospect of shooting maternity photos on a boat. IN THE HARBOR. 

Ok, ok, ok. So yeah. We cruised around the harbor at sunset and it was totally NBD. But actually, it was. And everything was perfect. And we buzzed past the pier 5 pavilion and there was a band playing. We danced, and sang, and breathed in the fresh air. Oh, and we took some pretty freaking amazing photos as well.

Here they are. And I'll stop talking now because there's nothing that I can say that will be as good as these images. 

Catherine, Matt, and Sebastian: Congratulations (like, seriously. On LIFE). 
I can't wait to meet your little one (and then subsequently photograph HIM on a boat).



Welcome Katerina!

This summer has flown by like none other - and rain like, whoa! Ammiright?! Time warps and crummy weather aside, there has been a ton going on this summer and I've been flying by the seat of my proverbial pants just taking everything in. A big move, starting the foster care program in Baltimore city, and trying to keep up with an increasingly curious toddler to name a few items.

But amid all of this, was the quiet and joyful arrival of this little beauty. Baltimore, meet Katerina. This sweet little nugget was so charming and and agreeable for her first portraits! Driving into my old neighborhood to meet her and her parents, despite having only moved a handful of weeks earlier, had me tearful and nostalgic. Celebrating new life while reminiscing about the old had me tied up in emotional knots and realizing that there are always new adventures to experience if we embrace the chance. It also served as a reminder of how much I love doing what I do.

Katerina - the world is yours, little lady! I'm so honored to have captured your very first portraits!


Welcome Judah : A Little King in Charm City

There's a special kind of joy in watching people you love become parents. This, in my life, has been amplified in the year since becoming a parent myself. Your heart breaks for the struggles and challenges that you remember comes with a newborn, but man does your soul rejoice in the pure beauty, strength, and resilience that you get to see in action, from the people you love. 

John and Chelsie have been dear friends, investing in our son Iggy's life over the past year and encouraging us in ways they probably don't even know throughout this whole parenting gig. We've valued their friendship oh so much! And now to watch them welcome their own little guy is something that is pretty amazing.

I'm so amped to watch Judah grow, and learn, and imprint his spirit and personality on his parents' hearts. You might be aware that parenthood is a painful process sometimes, but I think it's also such a beautiful and true reflection of God's relationship with each of us, and a very (sometimes woefully) tactile example of His unending grace.

Congratulations, John and Chelsie! We're sincerely so happy and grateful to parent alongside the two of you!



Baby Noah :: 6 months a man

It's hard to believe that it was now more than half a year ago that I met Carrie and Nate to shoot maternity portraits in Patterson Park. My how time flies - people always say it, but I am continuously astounded by the truth of that statement! 

I first met up with Carrie last summer for coffee and scones at Patterson Perk - an afternoon that felt too warm for coffee, but the weather hardly seemed that noticeable as Carrie and I hit it off immediately. We discussed her pregnancy and the strangeness of suddenly becoming a married adult with the expectation of responsible parenthood looming. Remember that silly little often uttered phrase about time flying oh so fast? Yes, it does. One day we're kids and at some indiscernible point in time, we are no longer. Or, at least, the world suspects that we are not. We carry all the evidence of being an adult but with no date-stamped receipt for our purchase of adulthood. 

And now, this many months later, here is Noah; 6 months a little man and time will pass quickly for Nate and Carrie as they watch him grow up - hopefully not TOO quickly. But in the meantime, I'm so very proud to be there to capture every moment that I can. Thanks so much, Nate and Carrie, for allowing me to be part of your little world!





the johnson family

I have 9 (NINE) nieces and nephews. Yeah - I guess for some that's not a lot. I come from a large family though and it just keeps growing larger. I love it. I embrace the chaos.

Strangely, however, I've seldom done family portraits for any of my sibling's families. Not because I haven't' offered - but when we're all scattered across the east coast, it can be difficult sometimes to find the time for it. So I'm always so pleased when all the stars align, and we're all able to take some time out to get together and do some photos.

Two weekends ago, that happened. West Virginia came and descended on Baltimore, and we took to the park (bundled against the freezing cold) and Aunt Monkey (yep, that's me) did what I do best: I made my munchkinheads smile from ear to ear.

This is Cheech, Midge, Monkey Too, and Elias (we're still working on a nickname for the little guy). And I'm so glad to call them my family.



welcome :: marcos

I met with Raquel and Matt originally while she was still pregnant. We got together at a small bakery / cafe on O'Donnell Square and got to know one another over cups of coffee and the intoxicating smell of sugar and fried dough resting in the air.

Can I just say? These two are absolutely precious (PRECIOUS). Their giddy smiles of anticipation for baby number one were incredibly sweet and contagious. We were originally planning on a maternity shoot, but it unfortunately fell through. So I was beyond delighted then when they contacted me two weeks after their little guy arrived - just in time for newborn photos for the holidays.

World, meet Marcos.

This little family literally brought a tear to my eye with their tenderness toward one another. I'm not always a sappy person - but to be fair: they sat in the crisp fall leaves as the sun was setting and casting a warm glow over their faces. They smiled at one another with their little boy bundled in their arms and just as I began to click photos, Matt leaned toward his bride, whispering "I love you so much" over and over.

I know. Tear jerker.

Thank you so much, Matt and Raquel, for allowing me to be a part of your first family photos. I'm truly honored!