A girl and her dog :: Tara and Rowan

The old adage says that dog is man's best friend - but I can say for certain that those furry four-legged critters are more than just best friend to guys. Tara and Rowan prove my theory quite well as these two seem thick as thieves. 

Let me tell you friends, I have loved every moment so far of getting to know my Charm City neighbors through photo sessions and Tara and Rowan are no exception. I met up with them on Pagoda Hill for a mini portrait session. The sun was low and the summer light absolutely bewitching. And Rowan? What a well-behaved and gorgeous little guy! A model dog in the making for sure. 

Tara opted for the 30-minute mini portrait session, which was the perfect amount of time to capture some dreamy images of her and her boy. These summer days are now only getting shorter as we're this side of solstice, but that hour before sunset is still as magical as ever. What a pleasure it was to meet and work with them both!