Awaiting Baby Emma :: Berlin Family Maternity

I'm a fan of winter. I know I probably shouldn't say that too loudly especially given the particularly cold and snowy winter we've had. But it's just true! Sure, the cold cuts you to the core, and the snow has it's really annoying moments. But when the earth begins to transition into spring... well, that's a REAL moment if you've had a very distinctive winter. And I love it. Truly. 

That having been said, I know this past winter (at least for us Baltimoreans) had its fair share of snow fall which made it a little more difficult to get out and about. Baltimore was in a true state of hibernation. To get behind one another's doors and take a peek at what was going on in everyone's lives was a real treat - and certainly to walk into the Berlin household and find a beautiful little family blissfully awaiting the arrival of their daughter was nothing short of magical. 

Congratulations, lovelies.