Welcome Reese :: Baltimore Newborn Session

This year... it sure has been good to me. I'd say TOO good, but I think we all know that's not possible.

Somehow winter turned to spring and spring to summer with seamless ease and here I am, in December and at the end of the year reflecting back on the many souls I've met and photographed over the past several months. It's been a heck of a ride and this past Thanksgiving my heart swelled with gratitude over the wonderful experiences of the past year. 

I'll do us all a favor and refrain from the whole #blessed bit, but... well, it's kinda true.
And now that I'm roughly 12 weeks out from welcoming my own new family member (that's right! It's a boy! Due the end of February!), I'm especially grateful for this wonderful little session I got to do a few weeks back with brand spanking new baby Reese.

Let me tell ya: I don't know that I've ever had a newborn so sweet, quiet, and cooperative. She was born to be in front of the camera! And it's always such a sincere joy to watch a new family basking in that overwhelming and unthinkable love that exists in those early days after a little one arrives.

Welcome, Reese. Baltimore loves you already and you've warmed my heart straight into December (at the very least).