Katie + John: Newport Nuptials

Fall was quite kind to me. So kind, in fact, that I sort of forgot what blogging was. 
But not really.
But kind of. 

Fall portraits, festive feasts, a million and one Christmas cards, and a smashing new year behind me, I found myself sitting on hundreds of delicious photos from the season; Katie's and John's the most delicious of them all.

This lovely woman told me once that she doesn't always love photographs of herself. I scoffed (naturally).
As her eyes quickly averted and her sly little smile spread across her face I knew that at some point in her life she must have believed that nonsense, but right now it was more of an excuse to quote Ani DiFranco than anything else.* 

Katie and John have this intense love that is all at once breathtaking and joyous and quiet and silly and bold and... well, makes you feel like they've both joined a club that no one else in the world ever will. They tied the knot three days after Christmas in a self-uniting ceremony that matched everything about them. I was lucky enough to be there and bear witness. 

Traipsing around Newport, RI and capturing these two was a dream. Thank you.


* "It took me too long to realize that I don't take good pictures, 'cause I have the kind of beauty that moves..." - Ani DiFranco, Evolve