Rachel + Ethan = a darling kind of perfect

As we hiked through the high grass last Friday, I laughingly commented that I've known Ethan since he was born. We all smiled, but I quickly realized how much time has passed since then and that it might now finally be official: I'm getting a little old! 

The passage of time is a funny thing. I'm not breaking new ground when I say this, but as we get older the months and weeks seem to grow shorter and time becomes something that you dread just a bit vs. something that you're constantly trying to get ahead of. 

The fact that I can remember when Ethan was born doesn't really mean that I'm old - it just means that I'm old enough. And while I spent so much of my time as a pre-teen trying to "get older", it's almost as though I never fully realized that it just kept happening. Every day. At lightning speed. 

And time is what has brought Rachel and Ethan together now. They've had the past five years to grow closer to one another, grow as individuals, grow in their faith. 
Who they have grown to become is beautiful - and if it's any indication of where they're headed, I can't wait to watch and see. 

Rachel + Ethan - thank you so much for allowing me to be even a small part of this moment in your lives. Savor every second; this is the beginning of everything to come, and it's looking pretty dang spectacular. 

Photographed in Branchburg and Neshanic, New Jersey