flicker and fade

While I was recently in Lima, visiting family, I found that time went far too quickly. 10 days there is not a whole lot when you're trying to get in some much needed time with family. Sun, sand, and Peruvian food take up a good chunk of time. And then there's relaxing, or reading, or playing card games with family around my grandmother's huge dining room table. There are pisco tastings, and massage getting, and water balloon throwing (we got there too late for festival this year, but that didn't seem to stop the water balloons).

In between all this, however, I was really grateful to get the chance to do some family portraits for my cousin Roxana and her family. She is so dear to me and on a warm Sunday just before sunset, we met up on this very random and very rocky beach to make the best of whatever light was left.

I remember when Roxana was born. And I remember when she was first old enough on one of our regular visits to Lima to become not just my little cousin, but a friend to me. Her heart is so tender and sweet and her honesty has always meant so much to me. Her love for family just goes on forever. Her and I get along famously (as you can tell) and I guess it helps that we (almost) share the same birthday.

We had a blast being our usual sarcastic and weird selves and can I just say? These kids are adorable. Completely.

Love you, Rox - and so glad that you are my family.