stretch + release

I kind of love stretching.
Muscles and lungs expanding as far as they can. Eyes shut so tight. Fists clenched. Mouth Open. Heart full.

And that's exactly how I feel about launching this new site. It's been a long time in the making (not to say that I've spent years developing the design, layout, and coding - more to say that it's just taken me simply forever to actually hit "launch") and I'm excited.

I'm excited about where the past 36 months have taken me and excited to see where the next 12 will. I'm excited to show off an evolving body of work. I'm excited to meet new faces to photograph. I'm excited to plant my feet solidly in Baltimore - where they've been merely floating the past year and a half. I hope you're excited too - even if it's just excitement over seeing me so dang excited.

Hopefully 2013 will bring some new and really interesting projects. One that is both ridiculous and awesome is my addition of passport photos. My husband, Chris, who is incredibly supportive and brilliant and wonderful thought at first that the idea was absurd.

"It's just an ID photo. Who cares? Just go to Walgreens and get one done -you'll be in and out in less than 10 minutes."

Oh. He's so practical. Army cultivated, that one is. And he's right - to a point. But I had been shuffling around a less than mediocre passport photo for 10 years and now that mine was up for renewal, I was kind of giddy at the prospect of just doing the photo myself. 

"Yes, I'll be out in 10 minutes and regretting it for 10 years." I replied.
He was gracious enough to indulge my whim and after I set everything up, he clicked a series of about two dozen photos (all in quick succession) while yelling "work it!" from behind the camera. The results were mostly insane looking but I did have one or two that I could turn into a decent passport photo.

Passport photo outtakes - only because they were too risque for the Federal Government

Passport photo outtakes - only because they were too risque for the Federal Government

45 minutes later, I had my four images printed up and attached to my passport application. As I sat there admiring them I thought to myself: "There has got to be a demand for this. I can't be the only one who desperately wants a great photo for my passport."

The next morning I told Chris I was going to begin offering glamorous passport photos for clients - for the "vain jetsetter in all of us". He smirked a little bit and reserved what he really wanted to say to instead respond "You're a genius, boo. Do it!"

I'm glad I married him. Also, his photography skills aren't so bad either - it was a stretch for him, but see? Stretching is just so dang good.

Oh, and if you want to see what the actual winning passport photo looks like - you can see it here.