Sometimes making images is hard. 
Sometimes it is easy. 

Either way, it's a process and I pretty much love every bit of it. 
The souls I meet, the smiles I make happen, the love that I witness - all these things make it a collaborative effort. So, I hope you can imagine then that our imaginations together are really quite limitless. 

I've been taking photos for a long while. I've been making images for only a smidge less. 
Light, lens, aperture, smiles; shutter closed, heart and eyes wide open. 

Sounds simple? It usually is. Alone in that I love so much to make beautiful images with people, that the ride is usually smooth. 
Join me; it will be a blast. 

Please holler my way for inquiries regarding portraits, maternity, newborn, or pet photography.

And here's to us and the gorgeous images we'll make together.  

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